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Below is a summary of the programs I have created that I believe will bring the best outcome for you. There are more details in the booking page for each  program.

Im so excited to be able to work with you so please book a discovery call if you have any questions. or are unsure about what to expect.


Discovery Call

To connect, ask questions and find out if we are good match.There is no obligation to book after.

book call cassandra lang
Reignite cassandra lang subconscious root cause


Subconscious Soul Sessions

This is a journey and an opportunity to reignite that spark you may have lost.
Life gets busy and we get caught up. Self care is not just about a 2 week vacation or  massage Its about honouring our mind, body and soul.
When we do this, that 2 week vacation and massage is the cherry on top of a beautiful transformation.
Connect with the subcons
cious mind, uncover the root cause and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and reignite that spark and zest for life again.



Manifest Magic

We are taught to define what we want and plan out the steps to get there but.. we are not taught to check how in alignment we are with our goals.
We can 'want" something and do the work to get there but find it still falls short or the journey just feel soooo hard! There may just be a mis-alignment.
For example, you may want more freedom in your life so you want to start a business. You are worried about how much energy it will take. You are already tired and burnt out so the process feels daunting not exciting.

This is not in alignment. It will be hard but it will also be so worth it and amazing. Which one do you feel more? Hard or excited?

Manifesting Magic is a wonderful process to embark on after completing Reignite or as a stand along package. 

trauma informed manifestation coaching cassandra lang
subconscious soul work cassandra lang


Dive Deeper

We work together to create a program. Incorporating a blend of Subconscious Soul Sessions, Manifesting Magic and coaching.

I can also offer Hypnosis and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) sessions if requested.

Creating a program tailored for you is a fantastic way to include what you need and leave what you dont. We also keep your budget in mind.
Please book a discovery call or complete the contact form to discuss options.
“Cassandra helped me with the feeling I've always struggled with in any career,
a sense that I am nothing more than an imposter pretending to be a professional.  "

Carla, USA

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