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I know change sounds scary but it doesn't have to be.


We dont need to overhaul our lives, we can take steps toward building and creating a life we truly love. A life where we wake up each day in harmony and ignited by what we do.

I know it can feel like that fire inside of us has been put out. We wake up feeling disconnected with who we are and dont have the energy (or the fire) inside us anymore.

It doesnt have to be this way.

I once felt burnt out, depleted, lost and small. I found my way through to the other-side where life is lighter and more meaningful.


And now, I want to help you do the same with as much joy and innate soul power as possible.

Read on to find out more.

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about me cassandra lang

Stepping forward & choosing me

I realised one day, after nearly 20 years of working 9-5. I dont know who I am or what I want. At some point, I slipped into survival mode and my body said "no more". I felt burnt out. I lost my confidence. I lost the drive. I was depleted.

It was at this point I knew something big had to change. I took a step back. I started to focus on what brings me the greatest joy.  What brings that joy is when I get to help others rediscover their own inner joy and realise just how utterly wonderful they are.

This is is what lights me up!

I trained in Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) at the Marisa Peer School. I learned about the rules of the mind, CBT, NLP and how to connect with our subconscious mind. To tap into the wisdom it contains.


I learned about energy and the quantum field.

I became trauma informed. I discovered the role of our nervous systems and how to release stuck emotions connected to trauma.  I learned how to manifest and identify the blocks that can keep us stuck from living our dream

My intention, is to offer a holistic transformation for the mind, body and soul. To uncover the root cause and the reason we do what we do.  Why we find ourselves unable to step forward.

Empowerment is always the goal and my mission is to help you embody the way you want to live. Embrace who you really are.

And it starts... with making a choice.  A choice to change and allow the shift.

To step forward and be who you were always meant to be.


Let’s connect and see what magic we can create, together. 


Connecting with the subconscious allows us to make a shift
from one state of being to another.

 Our subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Neuroscientists claim it controls up 90- 95% of our brain! 

It holds the key to why we react the way we do. Its a depository of our experiences and our emotions. 

Its who we are.

In a session, we go into a light state of regression. We connect via the body and its as easy as taking a few deep breaths and calming the mind. I will guide you through the process.

Our aim, to find the root cause of why you are struggling with whatever challenge you are facing.  We want to review the related event, release any connected emotions. We understand what we can learn from the event and reframe it.

The takeaway is an emotional release so you are no longer connecting with the event in the same way. This allows us to release the limiting belief that was formed.

There is great power in understanding and even more when we feel able to start creating change.

Its a beautiful process and one that occurs with ease.

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"After becoming a parent, I began struggling with a lot of guilt and regret from my past. Since working with Cassandra, I have seen positive shifts in my mindset flowing into my work, family and friendships. I feel an acceptance of myself now."

Stephanie, Australia

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