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Therapy for the Mind, Body & Soul.


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Can I ask you a question?

Do you feel stuck in the monotonous  day to day, 9-5.  Work, eat sleep, repeat? You have that thought that pops in your mind. .... "There has to be more to life? This cant be it?"

ou feel driven to achieve things but your not sure what your trying to achieve anymore?


You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out.  Tired of trying to overcome the same hurdles again and again.  All you want to do is run away and escape  or hide under the covers and wish things could just sort themselves out.

You feel driven to achieve things but your not sure what your trying to achieve anymore?

Can you relate?

Then are in the right place!


My name is Cassandra

I love to support those who are tired of the 9-5 hustle. They feel burned out, overwhelmed and not sure where to go, what to do or how to change.  Those who are driven to achieve but now feel depleted.

Why? Because 3 years ago, that was me. I can say, that is no longer me but, I know how you feel. I also want to help you.

How? I work with the subconscious mind to help you uncover, process & release the beliefs that are keeping you stuck. I help you to regulate your nervous system  so you no longer feel overwhelmed.


My mission is to help you reconnect with who you were always meant to be. Here is where we find peace and calm and clarity. Life doesnt feel so hard anymore.

I am trained in Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Root Cause Therapy & I am Trauma Informed. 

To read my story & how I can help, click below:

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Below is a short summary of my services.

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“Cassandra helped me with the feeling I've always struggled with in any career,
a sense that I am nothing more than an imposter pretending to be a professional.  "

Carla, USA

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