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INNER HARMONY - Rebalance & Realign

A three session package to help you rebalance & realign.

  • 3 hr
  • 780 Australian dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Inner Harmony is for those who want to start moving forward in their lives but feel overwhelmed and stuck in their current circumstances. Those who are seeking more from life and want calm, balance and a deeper connection to self. Perhaps you always put others needs before your own? Maybe you have worked so hard to discover that you don’t even know who you are anymore? Or maybe you just know, you need to change something in your life and you don’t know where to start? I invite you begin seeking harmony in yourself and I assure you that once you do, things will become clear. You will know what you want and you feel able to get it. So how do we do this? We work with your subconscious mind and body. We get clear on where you are now and an idea of what you want. We find what is stopping you. What has been keeping you stuck. We uncover what beliefs you have formed in life that are limiting you from achieving what you want. Sessions can include regression therapy to take us back to the event/s, parts work where we can find those parts of us that are in conflict with our goal, inner child healing and muscle testing to find & release the limiting beliefs you have around a specific challenge. I incorporate somatic processing in all sessions. I have found this the most effective method for clearing trauma from the body. Our subconscious will show us only what we are ready to see in a way that makes the most sense for us. This can include reviewing past events in this lifetime, between lifetimes and past lifetimes. We are able to also process deeper ancestral connections and clear ancestral trauma. These sessions work with both the subconscious mind and body. Bringing both into harmony. This package includes: 1x Initial Consult & Subconscious Soul Session (3 hrs) 2x Subconscious Soul Sessions (2.5 hrs each) Sessions are held online via Zoom. I encourage you to book a Discovery Call before booking so we can ensure this is right for you. I can also create an individual program for you inline with your needs and budget. Per session prices are reduced in packages.

Contact Details

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