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Why I work with the Subconscious Mind.

Updated: Jun 3

Why do I work with the Subconscious Mind? Read on to learn just how powerful and impactful our subconscious really is.

Why I work with the Subconscious Mind

I mostly work with the subconscious & unconscious mind because, this is where all of our habits, beliefs, trauma, long term memories, values, fears and self identity lives.

See image below: From here on I will refer to both the subconscious & unconscious mind as simply the "subconscious mind".

Our Minds

Did you know the subconscious mind makes up 95 percent of the brain, while the conscious mind is only five percent!

That is how much influence our subconscious mind has over our day to day habits and actions.

So, it makes sense that if you are consciously aware of an issue or challenge you have in life. Even if it is just a sense or emotional state, that we seek answers from the subconscious mind.. right?

The subconscious mind is also termed the 'feeling mind' because all that we experience in the subconscious is feeling. How we respond emotionally is what directs our subconscious to filter our experiences in life based on how these experiences make us feel.

To give an example: Lets say you know 4 people who were on the same plane and that plane nearly crashed. These 4 people were shaken by the experience but.. not all will experience the same long term effect from the one event they shared.

Person 1 - Experiences constant nightmares lasting for several weeks. The nightmares lessen and eventually stop. They may get a little anxious about flying and have some nightmares again leading up to their next flight but generally ok. They can talk themselves out of it and push through.

Person 2- Starts to develop some OCD tendencies needing to control their environment and become increasingly anxious. This gets worse as they continue to control all aspects of their life over time. Finding safety in this control.

Person 3 - Will swear to never ever step onto another plane again and develop a deep fear of flying.

Person 4 - Will describe it as simply a scary event and never really consider it again unless reminded. They continue to fly regularly without an issue.

Why do these 4 people who experienced the exact same event, be affected in different ways?

Because... it isnt what happened to them but how they responded to the event.

Person 2 and 3 will have experienced the strongest emotional reaction and this emotional reaction has impacted a belief around safety. Their subconscious mind will never allow this feeling to occurr again.

Person 3 associates this feeling solely with the plane. Maybe other even other vehicles where they are not the driver but probably just planes.

Person 2, the most impacted feels a deep need to take full control of their environment and to do this they develop OCD as a coping mechanism.

Person 1 takes time to process the trauma but generally fares ok and Person 4 is the least impacted.

But how one responds often goes far deeper than the event itself. It is tied to what they believe to be true about themselves and life around them. This event and their response to it further enforces a certain set of beliefs they have about life.

These beliefs were formed long ago when they were young and learning about the life around them. Then as they grew, these beliefs continued to be reinforced as they saw life through these belief filters.

These beliefs are what the mind leans into when we start something new and can stop us moving ahead.

When this happens, it is time to look at what you believe about yourself and life around you.

When we are born, we don't doubt ourselves. We don't lack confidence or think we wont be able to do something. We are born feeling safe believing that we will be fed and clothed, and loved and looked after, until we don't... If you have young children observe how they interact in the world.

They are curious and want to try and give things a go. They only stop when they start to feel like they cant because someone makes fun of them, or laughs or makes them feel like they are not capable and cant trust in themselves.

We learn by observing, experiencing and repetition.

So what have you experienced or observed many times in your life that makes you feel like you cant do the thing you want to do? Or why you feel the way you do about yourself? Who or what made you feel this way? Who and what continues to make you feel this way?

Can you follow this feeling all the way back to a much earlier time? Maybe you overheard your mum or dad say something about you or themselves?

Is there something you continue to say to yourself that limits you?

The answers to all of this, lies in our subconscious mind. As you look back at the image above, you can see just how much our subconscious influences our conscious decisions.

Our mission when we work with the subconscious is to find out the exact moment in time, the root cause of why you feel the way you feel. We want to know what happened and more importantly what you felt at that time.

Remember how I said "These beliefs were formed long ago when they were young and learning about the life around them."

This is important because, when we formed these beliefs, we formed them through the mind and eyes of a 5, 3 or 2 year old. Even at times in the womb. Yes, even our mums experiences impact us. Even our ancestors influence us (This is a seperate discussion).

The problem, we have a limited view on life at these ages and the belief we formed at the age of say "2 years old" doesn't get upgraded as we age. So we are continuing to see life through the filter of a belief formed by a 2 year old (or whatever age that belief was formed).

We get to go back and find that moment at 2 years of age and review it today. We get to acknowledge and process the emotions tied to that experience and then we get to review it today, in the present . This process allows us to let this belief go because we will see it is no longer relevant. It isnt true anymore.

We get to finally release the trauma.

That is the power of regression work. We get to find out what is keeping us stuck, when it happened, why it happened and let it go.

We get to install new beliefs that are not limiting us and instead help us move forward in our lives feeling more whole and more complete. This is why I call this work "subconscious soul work".

The process I use works with your higher self, unconscious and subconscious mind to support you and guide you to where you need to go to find understanding and alignment in who you are.

You will only process what you can at the time of your session. So if you are worried about going to a traumatic event and that it might all seem too much. Trust that you will only be presented, with what you can handle at the time.

It might surprise how some of the most seemingly, insignificant events in your life, actually did influence how you see the world today.

I find this to be the case most of the time with clients. They often laugh at first, confused by why they have gone back to this seemingly silly event. But it all makes sense in the end.

If this resonates, I encourage you to book a free discovery call so we can discuss what you need, answer any questions you have and make sure this is exactly what you need right now.

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