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What does working with me look like?

Wondering what to expect? What does working with me look like? I cover it all (as much as I can) below:

What does working with me look like?

Firstly, what exactly do I offer?

I offer 1:1 sessions online. I call them "Subconscious Soul Sessions". The best results are seen when working together over a few sessions. I say this not to make you spend more $$ but because it is the truth. When we work on a specific issue, there are several limiting beliefs connected to the issue and its a case of unraveling these. It takes more than one session to do this.

I see it like a spider web covering and guarding the issue or ailment you have. We need to find the right strands to untangle the web (or beliefs) to release what is trapped underneath. Through this process we uncover a lot of other beliefs, their origins and you will develop a much deeper understanding of yourself.

We get to finally process and clear the things that have been keeping us feeling stuck and small.

Currently I offer a 3 and 6 session pack - INNER HARMONY or REIGNITE and I do offer a Single Session for those who are still not sure and not ready to invest in a package.

I completely understand this hesitation. So for this reason, If after your single session, you decide to book a package, as long as we are focusing on the same issue, I will deduct what you have already paid for the 1st session from the package cost. We can continue the work together without starting again.

I also offer Manifesting Magic which is for those who are ready to start creating their dream. They have done the healing work but still feel a little stuck. This is a great add on after completing Inner Harmony or Reignite. You dont need to, maybe you have done a lot of your own healing work already and just feel a little stuck?

I can also tailor create a program for you. Id recommend booking a DISCOVERY CALL and we can discuss the options and I can answer any questions etc.

So what does a session look like? There are FOUR stages in a session:

ONE - We discuss the challenge you have, your childhood and background. I dont need to know everything about you. I do need to know enough, to help me know where to start and also if there is anything you dont want to uncover, I will know and respect this. I am trauma informed and the work we do is trauma healing. This means I wont push you through something that does not make you feel safe. I always ask permission first. Our aim is not to bust through the boundary line. We will get there in the right time.

The 1st session is a little longer than any follow up sessions. I set aside 3 hours (other sessions are 2/2.5 hrs). We go through your intake form (to be completed prior to your session). We talk about the challenge you want to work through and then we set an intention for the session. Whilst the sessions are focused on 1 main issue, each session is a little unique with a slightly different focus, so we set an intention for each session.

TWO - We look at your current emotional state and then we measure this again at the beginning of each session. There is no right or wrong with this part, we just want to understand where you are currently and this can change week to week depending on what is happening in your life. As we look at this, we start to develop more emotional awareness. Sessions are a safe space to explore and process these.

THREE - Next we muscle test to find what limiting beliefs are connected to the issue or challenge you want to resolve. I sue the standing sway test to muscle test. Our body is a fantastic tool and it does not involve someone else telling you what they interpret, you get to see and experience this yourself. To help explain this more, I found this video HERE to be the best explanation and example. You can start trying this process out right away!

FOUR - The final part is regression. I generally use a light regression and timeline technique however if we have something very specific we need to get to, I will use a light hypnosis.

We aim to work through 1-2 limiting beliefs and our aim, to get to the root cause. The moment in the past that you formed this belief. This can be in this lifetime, in the womb, past life and even ancestral. Whatever comes up is right for you. I always ask permission and your subconscious mind will only take you to an event that you can handle and process that day. If there is a traumatic event you are worried about reviewing, it is unlikely we will go there if you truly dont need to that day.

Often it is the smaller insignificant events that we occasionally remember but because they are small moments in time, we dont see them as important. Or we think we "got over them already".

There are also other ways of processing the event without re-living it.

It is not the actual event that is important, it is what you felt at the time. This is what we focus on. Our aim is to process and finally release the emotion/s connected to that event. We do this somatically through the body. We find the emotion, where we feel it, how strongly we feel it and we turn it up so we can allow it to be expressed and released.

This is how we close the trauma loop. Our emotions need to be expressed and the longer we push them down, the more they want to come up. So you can do this in safe and supported way. If you want to know amore about this please reach out. Its actually very easy and happens very quickly.

After we release all the emotions tied to the event, we review this event to understand why we needed to go there today. What were the learnings and how does this impact us today.

This is where the healing happens. We get to go back and release the things we have held onto our whole life. Then we get to review them and finally understand them. This process is my favourite part of this work.

To understand more about how this process works, I have another blog post HERE, I explain why I work with the subconscious mind. It goes into a little more detail.

So how does this all tie into resolving something you have been struggling with?

It all comes back to limiting beliefs. These beliefs are the filters in which we see the world through.

For example, lets say I believe that I have to work really hard to 'earn' money. That the amount of money I have or earn is tied to how much work and energy I have put in. To how worthy I am of receiving this.

This means the amount of money I make is tied to how much energy I expend every day. How worthy I am of earning this, receiving this money. If I work for someone else, I will feel immense guilt taking time off and will work hard to prove my worth over and over again that I will likely burn myself out. I will always cap my earning potential because It will be impossible to work hard enough to earn larger amounts of money. If I work for myself I will need to always be on and available if I want to earn money. Because if I am not working and doing then I am not earning.

In session we might find that growing up my parents were always working and always talking about money. Never having enough and having to work more and more. They never had time for me. I wasnt making them money right! I was an expense. I never felt worthy and I was never doing enough. If only I could contribute more and make lots of money so they could love me. I could belong and feel worthy of their love...

So this belief about needing to work hard for money and connecting ones worth to the amount of money one makes, comes back to not feeling like I am enough. I am only worthy when I can make money but I can only make money if I work hard and feel worthy enough to receive it..

What a headache right! But this is how our mind works.

When I go back to the moment this belief was formed I might find the feeling is.. that I am not feeling worthy, not feeling like I am enough. Not feeling safe unless I am making money and working hard to get it. I might then realise that my parents had jobs that did not pay well. Perhaps they were not as skilled or educated as I am. They were taught to just get a job that pays the bills, thats it. Perhaps they even told me "you have to work hard to make good money".

Releasing the emotion tied to this then having this understanding, means I can look at how to make money differently. I can find a profession that utilises my natural skills and it is something I love and enjoy. I am no longer working hard to earn money. I am making money doing something I love.

I am worthy of receiving money and I know I can easily make more.

I am excited to wake up each day now. I get to wake up and go to a job or run a business I love. I am rewarded financially as a result. I no longer feel a need to work hard to make good money. My expectations of how much I need may even change.

I finally feel safe doing what I love. I feel my worth each day. I enjoy my life again and I know my needs will be met.

FIVE - I will add a 5th section because, once you have cleared the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, we get to turn around and look forward, into the future. These sessions are intended to help you move forward. So it makes sense that once we clear the past impact on our life, we want to look toward our future. We get to also do this together and heal anything that is holding you back from your optimum future. We get to ask future you about your future self and then we get to integrate future you into now. Some might call this Quantum Leaping. We want to integrate the energy of this optimum goal into now to help you move toward this goal faster.

So, are you ready to uncover what beliefs you have that are limiting your potential in life? Are you ready to shift into who you were always mean to be?

Maybe you have more questions? Reach out and lets chat.

Book a call HERE.

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