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Subconscious Soul Session - Single

Single/One off Session

  • 3 hr
  • 330 Australian dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

These sessions can be a blend of Hypnosis or Root Cause Therapy, whichever we agree will be the most effective approach for you. The intention in each session is to uncover the limiting beliefs that are impacting your life or stopping you from achieving your goal. Limiting beliefs are beliefs we form from past experiences that can have a limiting effect in our lives. These beliefs are what keep us stuck and impact how we respond and handle certain situations. Often these limiting beliefs are formed when we are very young and still learning about the world. Regression therapy is extremely effective as we work directly with your subconscious mind in clearing these limiting beliefs. It allows us to go back to root cause. The exact moment where this all started. We get to review, release and rewire our experience. Our subconscious will show us only what we are ready to see in a way that makes the most sense for us. This can include reviewing past events in this lifetime, between lifetimes and past lifetimes. We are able to also review any deeper ancestral connections and clear ancestral trauma. A session can include hypnosis to take us back to the event/s, parts work where we can find those parts of us that are in conflict with our goal, inner child healing and muscle testing to find & release the limiting beliefs you have around a specific challenge. I incorporate somatic processing in all sessions. I have found this the most effective method for clearing trauma from the body. These sessions work with both the subconscious mind and body. Bringing both into harmony. Our aim is to not only find and understand the root cause or event that has created a particular belief that is keeping us stuck. We aim to process and release the emotions connected to this event. This allows us to reframe the belief and shift into a new and improved state of awareness. These sessions are profoundly healing and provide you with a deeper awareness of self. When we find the root cause of an issue, we see life changing results. Sessions are held online via Zoom & initial session can take up to 3 hrs. Please note: Usually more than 1 session is needed to work through and resolve an issue. A minimum of 3-4 sessions is ideal. I offer several packages. Session prices are reduced in packages) and can offer a tailored program inline with your budget and needs. I encourage you to book a Discovery Call before booking so we can ensure this is right for you.

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